Thursday, May 6, 2010

NES RetroVision.

"Another secret project finally finished! Not going to set up a web page for this one yet because I only have 4 completed and ready to ship. If you want one, start a transaction! They are going to start at $130 including shipping.

This is basically the Super GameBoy, without the Super part. The guts of an original GB are transplanted into a NES cart. My incredibly amazing custom board then translates the GB graphics into NES format, and the NES controller to GB format. The original link port is accessible, so you can connect another GB or RetroVision or plug in the printer.

The colors and border can be changed using the 2nd controller. Audio either comes from the headphone jack or through the NES if you have done the resistor mod inside your console.

Inside the cart is PACKED. The GB cart does stick up above the surface, so a front loader will need the metal bar removed like with the Game Action Replay.

- It's the same as Super GameBoy: pretty much! No I don't expect this to be a big seller, but hopefully some of the new tech I used will be in future unknown projects.

- It's expensive: yup! Expensive parts, expensive development, lots of PITA assembly. See above if you are cheap

- It's not available: I only have a few of these built right now. After vacation I can get more done but each one takes a long time to create."



  1. i really want one despites it,s exoansive it,s absolutely worth the $130 cuzz not only becouse of the efford,the cool factor,and expansive parts,but most importantly you do,nt need to hunt down a rare to find wideboy addon for the famicom wich does the same and is way more expansive,so peoples wich are complaining about the hicher price then the supergameboy and gameboyplayer,they,re not aware of the overpriced wideboy!!!!

  2. What if I just wanted the parts you developed and I want to transplant and assemble the components myself and guts from a Gameboy I have laying around. I am thinking about building an Expansion port version that connects to the bottom of the NES with a cartridge slot on the front. I have the tools and soldering skills and patience for such a feat.


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