Saturday, May 8, 2010

Doctor V64 faulty bios recovery.

Haven't used this one myself but I guess it can be of use to somebody out there.

"How to re-enable a V64 faulted in Bios upgrade to upgradable :

1. Use tpc download from PC or load from a CD let the bios file (can not use a name likes '', for example named it 'biosv174.v64') loaded into V64's DRAM.

2. Use tpc download from PC or load from a CD let the run file 'biosup.r64' loaded in V64's system ram and run it by press any key except the 'Stop' key. After that your Bios can be upgradable again.

Remark: Please upgrade to Bios V1.74 or later versions to prevent the faulty problem of unable to upgrade."


  1. what program do i need to burn this to cd as i used nero to burn it as data cd and it just loads like a game, i`m running bios version 1.32 at the moment and cant play most of my discs as i changed from another bios and discs that used to load dont anymore

  2. You need to burn it as a data disc using DAO 9660 MODE I think.

    As usual , use at your own risk :).

  3. I cannot update my v64 AT ALL! ive tried lots of methods and wasted alot of discs. ive tried to name the file lots of different ways and it still loads the bin file as a game, but i get garbled text on the screen! (as shown on the screen shots on the Hdd/CF HOWTO) my bios is currently 1.41B.

    if you could please help me update the machine to a newer bios, id be very grateful!

  4. Tom: Well if you've named it correctly and burned it using the correct mode then I have really no idea what you should do since it should work.

  5. ok thankyou, im going to have to give it another go i guess!

  6. I recommend buying a cd-rw, makes life alot easier when testing random stuff on the doctor v64 :).

    Hope you get it working.

  7. i didnt realise they recognised cd-rw?! ive wasted probably 15 blank cds now by burning bios on there that didnt work!

  8. All the DL links are bad. Can you post a new one?


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