Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Johnny Mnemonic released for Mega-CD

Good times!, lot's of prototypes getting released these days.

Some words from the dumper:

" I'm sure somebody will enjoy the cheesy story and cumbersome game play. It seems like a pretty complete game though it lacks a title screen and the game starts in what seems to be the middle of some plot with Johnny saying "YOU LET ME SLEEP?!!" to some chick. If you don't know how FMV games work, (like I did.) Then you will probably die a lot in this game. It forces you to use your brain to solve insane life or death situation puzzles. I've made it to I think stage 2 and it involves a subway that is really annoying to beat. The scene right before it involving the chick fighting the Japanese dude in hand to hand is pretty fun too.

Oh, and the game uses back up Ram, so if you burn it to a disk be aware of that if your Sega CD is low on memory. If the memory gets full, it could mess up saving of other games. (games like Sonic CD may not be able to load save files if Ram is full. As a result, loading a game will just give you a black screen. Just speaking from personal experience.)

Another note: I'm not sure if the video is fully emulated properly. It just seems to look worse than on actual hardware. Like it was semi corrupted some how. I'm not sure if this is emulation related or a result of it being dumped badly. The important thing is that it at least runs without any other problems on Fusion. Someone should burn it to a disk just to be sure everything works properly.

Have fun,
Download Johnny Mnemonic CD1
Download Johnny Mnemonic CD2

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  1. Thanks so much for dumping this, downloading it not and I'll be testing if it can be patched to play on my PAL machine :)


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