Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Devsters genesis/megadrive homebrew uploader tool.

"In a world where every girl wants to become a model, there is LAKABAJO. LAKABAJO is the name for a system that Devster devised to load executable 68k code onto a Sega Genesis console without using a flash cartridge, or any kind of cartridge with programmable memory.

In the past, rich developers had to pay thousands of dollars for official licensed development kits to develop Sega Genesis games. In the last decade, poor hobbyists had to pay $50 for an unnofficial flash cartridge from Hong Kong suppliers to run tiny chunks of code on the Genesis. Today, poor developers won't need to pay a dime (joking, at least $20) to get their code running on the real hardware.

Basically, this uploading system works by using a controller exploit in games, in combination with a Game Genie game enhancer. The Game Genie codes are automatically entered for you using the uploader program. The exploit running on the console loads a data from the controller port, into the Genesis work RAM. The exploit then starts execution from work RAM."

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