Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pokemon Breeder Mini Translated.

Rejoice Pokemon fans over the world, Pokemon Breeder Mini has been fan translated! (ポケモンそだてやさんミニ Pokemon Sodateyasan Mini).

"The most text intensive game for the Pokémon mini is now playable in English ! Thanks to the efforts of Mr.Blinky, snesy and Wa"

"I was worried for a while on successfully completing the translation due to difficulties in translating the large quantity of japanese dialogs. After doing all the graphic translations and code patches I was simply stuck, Unable to translate those dialogs.

Months passed by without any progress. But then, Lupin found someone who is very good at japanese. This person is no one else then snesy.

He's great at japanese. As soon as he joined, it took him just a couple of days to translate all those japanese dialogs. With the translations now done I could pick up the thread and continue. Less then two weeks later I finished the translation."

Grab it here:

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