Friday, July 15, 2011

N64 PIF/CIC-NUS-6105 Algorithm Reverse Engineered.

"Recently, LaC challanged us to find a small and concise algorithm that would emulate the behaviour of PIF/CIC-NUS-6105 challenge/response (C/R) protection scheme.

This would allow the replacement of 'pif2.dat' file of Project 64, that contains all the 268 C/R pairs used by 'Jet Force Gemini' and 'Banjo Tooie', with a concise algorithm.

After many hours of careful, exhaustive and detailed analysis of 'pif2.dat' C/R pairs, I'm pleased to announce that I've finally found a very concise algorithmic representation of the C/R process, which emulates the desired behaviour of the PIF/CIC-NUS-6105."


What does this actually mean? well it means that Banjo Tooie will work on the upcoming 64drive flashcart and any other flashcart that doesn't have a host cart port! (when somebody makes a crack;) and the issues these games had in Surreal 64 for Xbox 1 will be solved.

X-Scale - N64 hero of the month!:)

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