Friday, July 15, 2011

The 64drive release is nearing!.

Newsletter from the maker of the 64drive:

"It all started as a "what if"... if I could have anything for my N64, what would be it be? No restrictions on cost, no cheaping out on features. For once, a clean and polished product with good aesthetic sense.

Tinkering with the N64 has been my foremost hobby for more than 5 years now. I love pretty much everything about it, not just the games but the system and its hardware. This has given me a unique opportunity to create something for N64 lovers using my accumulated knowledge and skill.

The project itself is coming very near to a releasable state. I just released a video on YouTube a few days ago.

In addition to being an enticing item for collectors, the 64drive is an extremely versatile tool for coding. Its USB 2.0 capabilities alone already eclipse any other N64 "backup" product ever made, and that's just the start.

Once the 64drive launches I will release a detailed PDF document giving specific information on the cartridge's hardware design and how to write code to use its features, including access of the USB functionality and memory card. A debugging LED and button come on each board standard.

As far as release goes, the first units will be sold in the coming weeks. I will be sending out updates as the day approaches.

Thank you all for showing your support, and giving me the encouragement to develop this amazing product.



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