Monday, March 21, 2011

Vory v Zakone tattoos in Batman Arkham City.

(click on the picture, my blog is too tiny for it;))

Edit: My good Russian friend tells me that the cyrillic text means "Tsar's Joker".

My blog is mainly about retro stuff but I found it fascinating that the awesome brutal clown in the new Batman Arkham City game has Soviet/Russian Vory v Zakone tattoos and I haven't seen anyone else mention it on the net, I guess The Joker hired some old Soviet gangsters to fight Batman :).

The creators of the game must have watched the David Cronenberg movie Eastern Promises or the documentary called "The Mark of Cain" that inspired it, the whole docu is on youtube here if you're interested in that sort of stuff:

(A depressing 1 hour , but well worth it!:) )

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