Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Panasonic M2 Fmvs Partially Viewable.

I saw recently that somebody had dumped "Interactive GM Cadillac Demo" for the Panasonic M2 (actually two years ago but it seems it has passed by fairly unnoticed on the net).

The disc is a DVD meant for the Panasonic FZ-35S, I assume the other models only used a cd-rom?, well I don't own one so I have no idea.

I'm always curious of the various fmv-formats that consoles use so I opened up the image with isobuster which showed 4 .dat files, using the function "Find missing files and folders" on each .dat file revealed .mpeg files and many pictures.

I extracted the vids and they actually ran in VLC but with alot of corrupt frames,corrupt timeline index and no sound , so maybe this is a mission for some codec wizards to make them run using ffdshow :).

There was also some left behind pictures inside the iso indicating that this was going to be ported to the Dreamcast (or maybe it was).

Anyways here are some pictures from the videos in action with all the corrupt frames:

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